Nhaukate Community Village Tour

Nhaukate Community Village Tour

Nhaukaei is one of the very indeed traditional lagoon, where since it existence was transformed by the priest and other community leaders as a lagoon where anyone, special to the young people With marriage problems, like not luck to have Boyfriend of a Girlfriend in the age or to get married in the age, you should ask the priest and other Community Leaders to have a blessing through a purification ceremony in with blessing water from the lagoon.
According to the legend Nhaukate Village is the only one Village in Vilankulo rich with Vilankulo communities tradition and costumes, is by this area where the King Vilakulu lived when he joined King BIKA – GUMBE and is through this area he was honored by the Community and the other kings up to the Name Vilankulo and Nhaukate Today.

Village Tours (3 hrs): 3000 Meticais per person

Includes: Lunch, soft drinks or water, transportation from hotel to village & back

Minimum: 2 people

Reservations: One day prior visit