Vilankulo Town Tour

Vilankulo is a nice place to be in and is one of the main tourist destination of Mozambique
It's wounderful to go through to the historyl of it development since it is constituted by three main culture, the Matswa local community, the Islamic community and the Portuguese, this mix made up Vilankulo what it is now. Through this you can learn from these three communities what they contributed to Vilankulo in the early days, today and for the future, you can see the architecture and style reflected in Vilankulo, as a community, Village, a Municipality and as a Town. Visiting lots of places including markets and shops where you can buy local handmade products.
• Local communities leader’s houses
• The Hotel DonaAna and the History of it original owner,Joaquim Alves
• Local Arts & Crafts of Vuka Arte
• Souvenir shopping at Machilla Magic
• Anchor site related to Joaquim Alves

Town Tours (3hrs): 2500 Meticais per person

Minimum: 2 people

Reservations: One day prior visit