Manyikeni Historical & Archaeological Site Spot Tour

Manyikeni is located in Vilankulo about 440km Southwest of Great Zimbabwe Centre, west of the Vilankulo village Centre and about 50km from the Indian Ocean coast where Chibuene is located. The station is a regional centre of the Great Zimbabwe tradition and Chibuene site, of the second millennium. The archaeological site is formed by a wall and surrounding settlements.
Manyikeni according to the legend of Vilankulo, is the place where the son of the first king of Vilankulo lived, after Chibuene where his father lived until his death.
Learn about local and portugues Trade, learn about local farming and visit to the one of the big animals’ farm Vilankulo have.

Manikene Historical Spot Tour (6 hrs): 5000Meticais per person.

Minimum: 2 people

Reservations: One day prior visit