Useful Information

Safety tips Walking: Although generally safe, it is safer to avoid walking alone, particularly at night. It is advised to avoid dark and deserted areas.

Health Precautions
Please ensure that:
• Reliable drinks are consumed. Choose bottled mineral water, or similarly reliable packaged/served drinks
• An insect repellent sprayed on exposed skin to prevent potential mosquito bites which may lead to malaria
• If you have any concerns relating to your health, please tell your tour guide. He/she will take you to the local pharmacy or clinic for professional care and attention

On the Beach:
Do NOT leave your belongings unattended.

On the Ocean
• That your boat is equipped with life jackets before you set sail
• Confirm that you are sailing with a registered and legal operator

Culture and Dress Code:
In Mozambique we possess a unique combination of African, Arabic and Portuguese culture. Please understand and respect that there exists a certain degree of conservative attitude toward dressing; when visiting a local community on a tour, or visiting community leaders, as well as home-stays, women at asked to avoid very short skirts, tank-tops / halters,(keep shoulders covered) and men are to wear shirts.

Street kids and petty theft:
Although many tourists are tempted to do so, please do not give money to children, unless an act of service was provided. Merely giving money to children who ask, builds dependency, as well as delinquency among the street children and it is not accepted within the wider social circle. It is however customary to give a coin to the elderly and destitute.

Fresh products are always available in the markets area from about 8h00 to 18h00, for groceries we have the TAURUS supermarket, Vilankulo Supermarket and Warehouses, open from 7h00 to 18h00. You can also shop at local communities and other shops with the assistance of your tour guide.

Banks and Foreign Exchange:
The majority of hotels and resorts accept Rands, US Dollars or Meticais

There are 3 Banks located in Vilankulo, near the town entrance; by Eduardo Mondlane Avenue there is the BCI and Barclays, and BIM Millennium near Mucoque village on the way to the Harbour and the Hotel Dona Ana. They are open from 8h00 to 15h00 on weekdays and 9h00 to 12h00 on Saturday.

Currency Exchange:
Rands, US$, Euros and pounds can be exchanged at the Banks. Rands and US$ can be exchanged at the market after normal hours of the banks. It is important to have an idea of the current rates, to avoid being taken advantage of.

Credit Cards:
All the banks have ATMs that will accept Visa and Master Card, there is also an ATM next to the Old Supermarket, Group SEA about a 60m from the Old Market before Handling.

Telephone and Internet:
There is a TDM Centre for the telephone network, and mobile phone service providers; MCel, Vodacom and Movitel.

Wireless or LAN internet access is available at the majority of hotels / resorts and lodges in Vilankulo. If not, a visit to the KUVUKA CAFE or KLIMANJARO CAFE for internet access and a cup of coffee, or lunch.