Vilatours, offers a combination of tours to be provided according to your interest. 3-hour minimum tour, which may include the following:

• A visit to the archaeological site of Chibuene, and an explanation into the history from the first millennium up to the great Zimbabwe Civilization linked with Manyikene.
• Viewing of Lake Nhaukate which legend says is linked to the great warrior Vilalakulu, from who Vilankulo is named after.
• Enjoy a lively performance of varieties traditional music and dance, local food and drinks offered by the community near Lake Nhaucati.
• Enjoy a lively performance of daily Home stay offered by the local community where you get an experience of Matswa costumes, language and tradition.
• A stop at the Central Market where you can see and purchase the huge variety of locally made items. A great opportunity to find an interesting souvenir for yourself, or those back at home.
• The Manykeni Museum and the Dhocolo Farm.
• A town tour, which is a visit to the first Church in Vilankulo and Mr Joaquim Alves the pioneer of Vilankulo’s Village, the Hotel Dona Ana and the Fabulous Historical
• The Machilla Magic Gallery, a wonderful shop and workshop, which offers handicraft and souvenir items made by the members of the Chigamane and Makunhe communities.

Vilankulo and Communities

Vilankulo is one of the 14 Districts of Inhambane Province and one of the Famous as a Tourism Destination in South of Mozambique, It has any area of 5.867km2, 18% of the total area is occupied by Benguerrua and Magaruque Islands. Vilankulo is located north of the Inhambane Province in South of Mozambique, with 135.710 Habitants that 74.736 Habitants are women Corresponding 54.8% and the rest are men.

Vilankulo District has two Administrative Posts (Vilankulo Headquarters & Mapinhane Quarters.
In 23 of July 1913 the Head Quarters was created as a Vilankulo's Village and High Category in 18 of April 1964 and as a Municipality in 31 of May 1997, it is limited by Chigamane in North, South by Chiruala, West by Faiquete and East by Indian Ocean.

Vilankulo's Village has 19.840 Habitants that 43% are Young people from 15 years old, divided into 9 Neighborhoods with these names: Bairro Central, where the main Village Building are; Bairro 7 de Setembro, where is located Mocoque Secondary School; Bairro Desse, where is located the Old Market; Bairro 5˚Congresso, where is located the Gamela Avenue at Gamela EPC; Bairro 25 de Junho, where is located Mocoque avenue at local Market Called Mercado Ka Mucoque; Bairro 19 de Outubro is where lay a large Cost with famous Hotel and Lodges; Bairro de Aeroporto, whre is located the Vilankulo International Airport, Bairro Alto Macassa, Where a big number of the local Young people Recently married live; At the end we Have Bairro the Chibuene, where is located the Archaeological and Historical Museum is located. You are more than welcome to Vilankulo's Community.