About us


VILATOURS, LDA is founded 8 of May 2009 by an experienced professional young man in Hospitality & travel industry. His vast experience in this field combined with his passion of Community Tourism, the tradition and customs, local lifestyle and History, Culture and local people. Therefore he is proud to assess that the experience achieved after many years of preparing his dream to come true, of organizing to lead a Tour Guide & Services Company to grant great wide range of professional Services that are at complete disposal for you.

We operate with two objectives:
First: To offer a guided visit to off-the - main - stream sights and areas of Vilankulo, adding to your visit experience. In addition to the popular beach, marine and sun activities, we can provide tours that will give you a better understanding of this region and town. Come in touch with our food, lifestyle, customs, and history.

Second: To create and implement tours that will involve and connect points of our social, historical places and history. Generating income that 10% of it is for the Community development through Associations.

With the progress and growth of the tours, the value chain of hospitality and tourism in Vilankulo, including the communities’ local historical areas, art& crafts, traditional local dance, as well as other events. As well as building a relationship between the tourist and the local community.

Connections and Partnerships
We have established connections with others tour operator of Inhambane Province, as well as outside of the Province.

In Vilankulo through Vilatours it is easy to enjoy your vacation. You also can Book through us:
• Accommodations
• A sailing trip (dhow safari) to the Islands of the famous Bazaruto Archipelago
• Fishing with local people, line or net.
• Diving and Snorkeling
• A horse back tour also include the local Community
• Night Tour for Dinner and Disc with all recommendation and cautions

With Vilatours your Holidays Always will be different, because you will be contributing directly to the Community Development, Traditional dance and Customs, Local Historical and other tourism attractive
• Direct or indirect you will be Contributing the Creation of Jobs
• Raising the level of Tourism in Vilankulo and quality life of the Community
• Raising income in value chain of tourism and to Vilatours, making Vilankulo indeed a tourism destination.